These general regulations apply to all students in all graduate departments. They are intended to ensure that the educational experience of graduate students is of a consistently high quality, and that the quality of experience is carefully monitored by the Director of Graduate Studies and by the students’ home departments.
Individual departments may have additional procedures and regulations that supplement these general regulations. All such supplementary procedures and regulations must be approved by Director of Graduate Studies and the Vice President of Academic Affairs, and by published and available to students.

The selection process of the University will allow for admission of graduate students on the basis of the applicants’ academic credentials in addition to a holistic review of all the information contained in the application, both academic and personal. For that reason, applicants may also submit letters of recommendation in order to give the University a complete picture of the applicant, as a student and as a person.
Admissions requirements to specific graduate programs may vary – students should refer to the program descriptions found in the Catalog for additional information.
Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the University. An applicant’s total undergraduate record including grades, educational objective and pattern of courses completed, as well as personal and professional goals will be considered.

The following requirements or conditions apply to students seeking admission as a graduate transfer student:
An official copy of the student’s transcript must be received from the university where the student was previously enrolled.
Credit will not be granted for transfer courses in which the student has earned a grade of D or below.
The acceptance of courses taken and approved in other graduate schools in other universities in no case will be greater than 50% of the credits that are required in order to obtain the Master’s degree at JMVU.
The credits that may be accepted for transfer are determined according to the policy described under the section in the catalog titled “Transferability of Credits”.