Workshop dates & times: Part 1 on 12/7 & Part 2 on 12/14 from 8:30am to 1:30pm

Workshop description:

5 CEUs for Ethics & 5 CEUs for Supervision: 10 hour program for BCBAs

Has becoming a BCBA or Behavior Specialist prepared you for a Leadership role?

BCBAs are mentors and supervisors.  Many run their own businesses and maintain Leadership roles.

Staff do not always accommodate the needs of the agency.  How are your leadership skills being perceived?  What is your leadership style, is it effective?  Is your team producing proficiently, following protocols, meeting deadlines? 

Are you the Leader you thought you would be when you started your business or department?

Learn about Leadership and your leadership style.  Leadership is reflective and proactive.

  1. Define leadership from the perspective of reflective practice.

  2. Apply reflection as a structured practice promoting critical and creative thinking.

  3. In pursuit of leadership excellence.

  4. Relate real-life application to leadership and reflective practice.

  5. Discover strengths to build leadership skills and reflective practice.

  6. The leadership journey and reflective practice.

  7. Lead others and generate results.

  8. Impact on staff – meet your bottom line.

  9. Organizational behavior management and leadership.

  10. How can you improve your collaboration skills?  When are collaborative skills not appropriate?

  11. How to deal with uncooperative and challenging staff.

  12. Management vs. leadership.

  13. Ethics in leadership.


A BCBA and others in the field in supervisory roles, are models, coaches, and mentors.  ABA and mental health programming does not prepare clinicians for the role of a manager.  Through Leadership theory and practice, together with ethics and supervisory strategies, integrate your clinical and business personas into a Behavioral Leader.