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University Scholarship Application

Jose Maria Vargas University Scholarships are open to all applicants applying for any degree or non-degree program. JMVU scholarships do not cover costs for books or other fees. Eligible scholarships per semester ranger between $3000-$4,000 per semester. 



  • the University offers need-based scholarships to asylum seekers, students on Temporary Protective Status or students that can demonstrate need though FAFSA application.


  • Complete the University application and upload your ID and high school diploma or college degree application.

  • Complete the Scholarship application.


Terms and conditions:​

  • Be a full-time student

  • Always represent the university in a positive manner.

  • If student drops out of JMVU or fails any class(es), the student will lose the scholarship.

  • Failure to follow these expectations can and will lead to the revocation of the university academic scholarships.


Email: or

Number: 954-322-4460, ATTN: financial aid

10131 Pines Blvd. Pembroke Pines, FL 33026.
Additional information on eligibility, application, and maintenance can be found on the Scholarship Application webpage:

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