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Grading and Other Related Policies


The following chart sets forth the grading system utilized by the University: 

Grading Scale Table

Grades “A” through “C-” are considered passing grades.  Grades "W" and "I" indicate that no grades were earned for the course.  A "W" grade indicates that the student withdrew from the course.  An "I" grade indicates that the student was passing the course, but failed to complete all the required course work. The instructor, in his/her discretion may grant an "I" grade instead of an "F", pending completion of the course work by the student within a specified time arranged by the instructor and told to the student.  It is the student's responsibility to follow-up with the instructor to complete the course work.  If the course work is not completed by the arranged time, the “I” grade becomes an “F".


For students receiving transfer credit from other institutions, a grade of “T” will appear on their transcript.  Courses for which a “T” is given will not be used in computing the student’s grade point average.


A student's grade point average ("GPA") is computed by dividing the sum of all earned quality points earned at the University by the total number of courses for which grades “A” through “F” were received.  Courses in which a “W” or “I” or “T” or “P” grade was received will not be used in computing a student's GPA. The “P” grade is only used for the assessment of the Master of Science in Pre-school Education Thesis.


Make-Up Work Policy

Students who are unable to complete required work by the end of a term may be granted an Incomplete (I) grade with the instructor’s approval. This make-up work policy is granted on a case-by-case basis. Arrangements must be completed within a stated time frame from the end of the course. Failure to make sure arrangements, without administrative approval, will result in a failing grade. Make-up work may be submitted in cases when an Incomplete “I” grade is granted; which is a temporary grade that may be given at the instructor’s discretion to a student when illness, necessary absence, or other reasons beyond the control of the student prevent completion of course Students will have two weeks from the term’s end date to complete course work. Otherwise, the grade will convert to an F.


Examination Retake Policy

Students will not be permitted to retake any examinations.

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