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Objectives of the José Maria Vargas University Mission

  1. To provide students with a balanced curriculum in all program areas to ensure that instruction is occurring in the areas of academic scholarship, real-life practical skills, interpersonal skills, and personal development.​

  2. To develop the intellectual and academic preparation of students. Students are expected to think critically and independently, develop quantitative skills, conduct research, and investigate new ideas.

  3. To establish balance among the practical, theoretical, and personal aspects of career preparation so that the business and professional communities have graduates who have the knowledge, the skills and the interpersonal ability to make an immediate and significant contribution in their chosen field.

  4. To demonstrate effective communication skills. These include listening thoughtfully, speaking respectfully, writing clearly, and presenting information in a concise manner.

  5. To train next generation professionals using effective instruction in both distance and residential education.

  6. To incorporate technology in instruction and administration and provide students with extensive on-line services and resources.

  7. To utilize technology and systems to delivery distance education and training that are student-centric and outcomes-driven.

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