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College Students

International Admissions

At Jose Maria Vargas University we are proud to welcome students from all over the world offering individualized programs of study and personalized attention for each one of our International students.

M1 and F1 student Visa Information

We are responsible for the processing of international students applications for admissions into our various degree programs.  With a mission to provide high quality education within a global context, Jose Maria Vargas University welcomes international students to its campus.   International students who seek admissions to JMVU should apply at least three months prior to their intended date of enrollment. This provides time for the additional processing required.

International Student SEVIS Policy

International degree seeking students under SEVIS are required to attend one day per week for a 2 hour lecture review session in person on campus provided by the University. Students that are not under the purview of SEVIS can attend the weekly in person sessions but are not required to attend.

Applying for Admissions as an International Student

A completed JMVU Admissions Application Form (PDF) signed by the student;
A High School Diploma and Transcript with an OFFICIAL English translation;
Proof of Financial Evidence.  (All financial documents must be translated into English and the account balance stated in U.S. currency). Please send the following:

• An official bank letter with the current balance and the average balance over the past three months;
• Copies of the sponsor’s previous year’s tax returns if he/she is self-employed in the U.S. and
• A NOTARIZED Affidavit of Support Form (PDF) if someone else will sponsor you;
• A money order for U.S. $50.00 nonrefundable Application fee for Admissions Application made payable to Jose Maria Vargas University.
• A money order for U.S. $300.00 made payable to Jose Maria Vargas University.  This is a processing fee and is non-refundable. 


Applying for an M1 or F1 student Visa

Obtaining the Student VISA
Take the following to the American Consulate in your country:

The form I-20 (F-1)
Your acceptance letter (from Jose Maria Vargas University);
Your passport;
Financial documents;
Proof of SEVIS fee payment;
Visa fee or Proof of Visa fee Payment
Go to pay SEVIS fee and print receipt for proof.


Maintaining Status

Rules for Maintaining Valid F-1 Status
As an F-1 Student, you are maintaining your status when you:

Keep your passport valid at all times
Report any change of address to Jose Maria Vargas University, Office of International Students within 5 days of moving.
Attend the school that you are authorized to attend, as indicated on your form I-20
Pursue a full course of study
Register each semester until graduation or transfer to a new school
Follow required procedures for:
Transferring from one school to another
Filing a timely application for program extension
Do not work off-campus without authorization


Pearson Test

  • Language Proficiency (as applicable)

    • Pearson Test for English Proficiency (Versant): for students enrolling in the English version of the program whose primary language is not English or who did not complete high school at an English-speaking institution. The test score must be at least 44.

    • Pearson Test for Spanish Proficiency (Versant): for students enrolling in the Spanish version of the program whose primary language is not Spanish or who did not complete high school at a Spanish-speaking institution. The test score must be at least 44.


Students wishing to change the language of study for a program (program option) must demonstrate proficiency in that language and sign a new enrollment agreement.


High School Transcripts and Diploma

All transcripts and diplomas from outside the U.S. must be certified and translated by an approved translation entity by the U.S. Consulate in your country. 
All documents must be sent with your package to Jose Maria Vargas University to be considered for evaluation and admissions into our many degree programs.


Arriving at Pembroke Pines, Florida (USA)

If your visa application is approved, the consular official will stamp the F-1 visa in your passport and return your I-20, financial documentation and the letter of acceptance.
When you arrive in the U.S., the Immigration officer at the port of entry will
Ask to see your passport;
Ask to see your Form I-20 and will return pages 1 and 3 (the student copy) of the I-20;
Give you an I-94 form (a small white piece of paper) which will be stamped with the date of entry and stapled to your passport.
After arriving in Florida:
Come to Jose Maria Vargas University, Office of International Students by the date stated in your acceptance letter.
Bring your passport, form I-20 and the balance of your tuition fee.
Register for classes

Getting Health Insurance

Health care in the United States is very costly for anyone without health insurance, and a short hospital stay can cost thousands of dollars. It is therefore important to have health insurance. You can purchase insurance in your home country or in the United States. Even if you never need to use your health insurance, just having it will give you peace of mind.
If you experience a serious illness or accident, you cannot purchase health insurance after the fact to cover that illness or accident. Be sure to buy medical insurance.  Travelers insurance does not usually cover medical expenses.
Costs for medical insurance vary between $500 and $600 and sometimes more per individual each year. MEDEX Insurance Services Inc. (1-800-240-0369) provides several benefits including return to your home country or a companion on the plane should you be too ill to travel alone. Compass International Student Insurance Plan is another plan which provides health benefits to international students. Visit them at 
If you are in the United States, and need additional information or an application, please stop by the Student Development Office/ International Students Office.

Affidavit of Support Form (PDF)  Affidavit of Support

Please note the following:
We reserve the right to request additional documentation.
All documents must be translated into English.

M1 and F1
International Student
M1 ir F1 Visa
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High School
Health Insurance
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