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College Dorm

Student Housing

Student Housing 

Jose Maria Vargas University does not provide housing for students. It is your responsibility to find a place to live. To assist you, Office of International Students has prepared a Housing List. Please take a look to see if any of these contacts can help you in your search.



Living with an American family can be a great way to start your life in the USA! International students booking their first 4 weeks with the American Homestay Network (AHN) learn about American culture, become better oriented to their community, understand better their long-term accommodation options (if required) and improve their American English skills. AHN specializes in placing international students with carefully screened and fully trained American host families within 60 minutes’ travel by public transport to their school. Students are required to stay for a minimum of 4 weeks and may choose to remain in homestay longer if they desire. Please visit for more information or to apply online today.

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