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Performance Information

Summary of Institution Mission and Student Achievement
José María Vargas University seeks to achieve, through a uniquely holistic model of education, the overall preparation of students both as future professionals and as human beings.  Jose Maria Vargas University represents one of the few endeavors existing with an international approach that combines expertise from the practical professional arena and the educational arena in a formalized university setting.  The University’s objective is to establish the ideal balance among the practical, theoretical and personal aspects of career preparation in order to provide the business and professional communities with graduates who have the knowledge, the skills and the interpersonal ability to make an immediate and significant contribution in their chosen field. Institutional Mission: Jose Maria Vargas University is a postsecondary institution that provides quality academic and career-oriented programs at the non-degree, undergraduate, and graduate levels in traditional and online delivery formats.

Aggregated Institutional Data on Student Achievement


  • Non-Degree Programs' Completion Rate*: 95.7%

  • Degreed Programs' Graduation Rate*:100%

  • Institutional Placement Rate: 100%

  • Institutional Retention Rate: 86.6%

*Average rate across multiple programs.

These data represent the July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023 reporting period, as collected for reporting.

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