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Program for Latino Entrepreneurs

Develop your entrepreneurship idea and business model practically and professionally. Learn to validate your business in the real world, leveraging technological tools and available basic resources to move in the right direction. Upon completing the 8-module program, you will have the option to continue developing your business.

This program is open to all students, staff, and community members interested in starting their own or family business.


Throughout the 8 modules of the program, participants will learn:

Analysis of the entrepreneurship idea.
Development and validation of the business model.
Generation and delivery of value to customers.
Marketing strategies and creating a roadmap to get your first client.
Projection of numbers and development of the financial plan.
Validation and learning from the first client.
Clear communication of the business.

In addition, students will also learn:

Designing a plan to acquire the first client.
Promotion, attraction, and customer management.
Knowledge of the most common legal forms in business.
How to capture the attention of investors, friends, and family.

Course Overview:

The Program for Latino Entrepreneurs is a detailed guide to transforming a business idea into a feasible model. It consists of 8 modules that include access to 2 personalized mentoring sessions. Upon completion of the program, all participants will receive a certificate from José María Vargas University.

Program Content:

Module 1: Entrepreneurial Competencies.
Module 2: Business model development.
Module 3: Generation and delivery of value.
Module 4: Marketing strategies and business promotion.
Module 5: Creating an efficient organization.
Module 6: Financial projections and financial plan.
Module 7: Validation and learning from the first client.
Module 8: Effective business presentation.

Instructor: Bethsaida Narváez

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