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Why Vargas University?

Jose Maria Vargas University's namesake

Jose Maria Vargas was born on March 10, 1786 in La Guaira, on the central coast of Venezuela. The son of Jose Antonio de Vargas, a native of the Canary Islands and Ana Teresa Ponce, he made great contributions to the historical culture and politics of his native country, and to the fields of science and education. Vargas is considered an enduring source of inspiration for educators across Venezuela and around the world. He was opposed to politics, war and violence and with his civil and social activities has become a model for scholarship and productivity in Venezuela. He believed that education is the primary driving force behind any lasting progress.
Alicia F. Parra Ed.D established the South Florida campus Vargas University. The Jose Maria Vargas ideal for education continues to shape and influence the curriculum, instruction and goals of the University.

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