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Diploma Courses
English as a Second Language (ESL) Diploma

Available start dates for the program:  See Academic Calendar

Available Schedules:  *please note this schedules are subject to change

Morning: Monday - Thursday 9:00 AM-2:00 PM

Night: Monday - Thursday 5:00 PM-10:00 PM

Educational offering are delivered through distance education(hybrid)



The English as a Second Language Diploma Program is to foster the development of listening, speaking, reading, writing skills needed to communicate effectively with emphasis in the academic world. Designed for undergraduate and graduate international students non-native speakers of English. 

The English as a Second Language Diploma Program offers six proficiency levels. 

Listening: Students will listen to English from native speakers and by their peers focusing their attention on the speaker’s message in order to comprehend and produce a meaningful response. 

Vocabulary: Students will be able to acquire new vocabulary on a daily bases through class activities and reading 

Speaking: Students will have the daily opportunity to practice speaking in structured conversations with the professor and peers. 

Reading: Students will be reading a variety texts, including short stories, poetry, and expository writing, with guidance and support from their teacher and peers. Students will learn various strategies to help them comprehend a text in their second language. 

Writing: Students will be writing on a daily basis, practicing the grammar structures and the new vocabulary. Students will learn to organize and write their ideas using effective grammar, coherent paragraphs and simple essays. 

Every level will cover vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading and speaking practice at different levels 


• Communicate effectively by speaking and writing clearly and coherently in both for educational performance and everyday living. 

• Recognize the correct meanings of common American idioms. 

• Demonstrate understanding of face-to-face speech in standard English. 

• Use correct grammar and sentence structure speaking and writing. 

• Identify main ideas and specific details of a book and interpret its implied meaning or intent. 

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