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Facilitator Trainer in Inclusive Inner Learning

It is a specialized program designed for individuals who wish to share knowledge or teachings, even without being education professionals. This training provides effective tools to implement strategies and techniques that promote inclusive learning, allowing participants to facilitate meaningful and profound educational experiences.

Program Content: The course is structured into four core modules:

  1. PHI 3517: Pedagogy of Inclusive Inner Learning

  2. PHI 3518: Strategies and Techniques for Inclusive Inner Learning

  3. PHI 3519: Environments for Inclusive Inner Learning

  4. PHI 1007: Inner Teaching Practice

Learning Methodology: The theoretical-practical training is conducted through the Vargas Portal, an interactive platform detailed after the participant's enrollment.

Mode: The program is entirely online, offering accessibility and convenience to study from anywhere.

Certification: Participants who successfully complete the four modules will receive an official digital certification from José María Vargas University and Rubén Cedeño.

Investment: The cost per module is $100 USD.

Payment Options: Payments can be made through bank transfer using ZELL, credit card, or PayPal.

Enrollment Process:

  1. Visit and select "APPLY HERE."

  2. Complete the registration form.

  3. Send a message through WhatsApp to +1 954 322 44 60 to the Administrative Department to obtain payment details.

  4. Receive the corresponding instructions from the Academic Department after completing the enrollment.

For more information or to address any questions, interested individuals can contact via WhatsApp at +1 954 322-4460 or by email at This diploma is open to all individuals with an educational vocation who wish to expand their teaching capacity toward a more inclusive and comprehensive model.

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