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Open Meditation

Comprehensive training that uses Experiential Learning Methodology to teach participants how to lead a fuller and more serene life through the practice of meditation. This program is free from artificial techniques, focusing on the essence of pure meditation, without reliance on extrasensory practices.

Program Structure: The course is divided into four practical modules that guide students through a journey of self-discovery and transformation:

  • Module I: Personal Transformation

  • Module II: Meditation

  • Module III: Awareness and Self-Extinction

  • Module IV: Zen Philosophy

Learning Mode: The program combines interactive virtual sessions with online activities, offering students the flexibility to study from anywhere.

Certification: Upon successful completion of the four modules, students will receive an official certification delivered electronically and endorsed by José María Vargas University along with Rubén Cedeño.

Cost: The cost of each module is $100 USD.

Payment Methods: Students can make payment through bank transfer using ZELL, credit card, or PayPal.

How to Enroll:

  1. Access the Vargas University portal in Florida, USA, at

  2. Click on "APPLY HERE" and complete the registration form.

  3. Send a WhatsApp message to +1 954-322-4460 indicating that you have completed the application.

  4. Follow the instructions sent by email from the Academic Department to complete the enrollment process.

For more details or inquiries, interested individuals can contact via WhatsApp at +1 954 322 44 60 or send an email to

Registrations are currently open for anyone wishing to deepen their meditation practice and personal development.

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