Withdrawal from the University: Refund Policy

Students who register but do not attend classes or who withdraw from the University for any reason after attending classes are entitled to a refund (according to the refund policy) whether they officially withdraw themselves or not. If the student does not officially withdraw, the last day of attendance would be considered the withdrawal date. Students who withdraw officially must follow procedures set forth in this publication.





Students withdrawing from the University must do so officially by obtaining a change of status form from the Registration Department and by making the following arrangements: 

  • Take the change of status form to the Director of Student Development for his/her signature. 

  • Go to the College concerned so that it can amend its records accordingly as per the change of status form. 

  • Take the change of status form and the Certificate of Compliance to the Registration Department. The Registrar may place a hold on the process if the student has not submitted documents required by the university.

  • File a Refund Petition with the Administration Department. 

Withdraw Date: A student’s withdrawal date is the earlier date of the following:

  • the last date of academically-related activity provided on the Vargas portal attendance record


  • the date the student informed JMVU of their intention to withdraw.


Students who officially withdraw from the University, in compliance with the procedures established in the University Catalog, will receive a refund on a prorated system depending on the time of the student withdrawal.